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Q:  How long does it take to make a coffin or casket?

A:  We keep every model featured readily available in our inventory.  Occasionally we will run out of a particular item and in those cases it will take us 3 days to make a unit – the coffins take longer than the caskets because of the shape.  If we are adding an oil finish – this will take additional time too.


 Q:  Do you “store” items until they are needed?

A:  The Old Pine Box recently started offering this service.   We will store your item for you at a rate of $120/year, prorated monthly.  The annual fee is to be paid on the anniversary date of the purchase.  All items have to be paid for in full.  All shipping/delivery fees will be calculated/paid when the item is finally needed.


Q:  What if we want to decorate the unit ourselves?

A:  Sure, we encourage the purchase of our items in their unfinished state.  This not only provides for the most natural return to earth but also provides a blank canvas for personal expression by family members.  This creative act can be extremely therapeutic, particularly for children.


Q:  Are pine coffins and caskets really legal?

A:  Yes, they are legal.  There are no laws restricting pine style burial vessels.  Metal sealer caskets are common, but they are not the only choice you have.  Simple pine units are even required by some religions.


Q:  Doesn’t a casket have to be sealed?

A:  Not in most cases.  Some mausoleums have even banned sealer caskets due to problems with them exploding.  The Funeral Rule forbids claims that sealer caskets are required by law or have any preservative benefits.  In rare instances such as transporting non-embalmed remains by air, a sealed casket may be required by airline policy.


Q:  What are vaults and grave liners and do I need one?

A:  These items can be concrete, steel, fiberglass or a polypropylene material.  Vaults usually have a bottom, sides and a lid.  Liners are bottomless and are lowered after the casket or coffin is placed in the grave.  The function is to prevent ground settlement as the unit degrades. No law requires these items, but many cemeteries require them to preserve the integrity of the landscape.  In Albuquerque, every cemetery requires a vault.  Generally a vault will cost around $1000.  The Old Pine Box does not carry vaults or liners.


Q:  Is it legal to be buried on your own property?

A:  In most states, yes you can.  But you must check your local zoning department.  The location of any home burial must be filed with the local registrar.  Contact your local County Manager’s Office for more information.  See the link below on Family Funerals for more complete information.



 For information on FAMILY FUNERALS, please click HERE.



  • The Funerals Consumers Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting a consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified and affordable funeral.





  • Out of the Box Funeral Planning is a consultative service dedicated to helping families navigate the funeral pre-planning world and helps prepare end of life documents.  Located in Colorado.


A Note for your Protection:

A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Law known as “The Funeral Rule” protects your rights as follows:

1.  A funeral home cannot refuse to accept a burial vessels from an outside source.

2.  No funeral home may charge a fee or in any way alter their prices for handling a burial vessel from an outside source.

3.  No funeral home may attempt to pressure a buyer against using a burial vessel from an outside source.

If you would like to receive a free copy of the FTC booklet: “Funerals: A Consumer’s Guide” please contact us with your request.  Links to FTC site and Funeral Rule are located in Additional Resources above.