Casket Models Available

 “PEACE”   Solid Pine Casket  $1000
Pine Casket
Peace Pine Casket

A modern style of “pine box,” these wooden caskets have flat panels, full length through-grip wooden handles and are sanded until they are smooth to the touch.  The lids slide off each end ever so easily.  PEACE is unfinished solid sugar pine. 
Muslin Interior Bedding Add $100

Readily available in one size:

Interior Dimensions:  5’10” Length x 22″ Wide x 15″ Deep  (Exterior Dimensions: 28.5″W x 76″L x 17″H)

Abundant:  6’2” Interior Length  &  26.5” Wide  (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY  $1280)  Allow 4 weeks to construct.


“GRACE” Walnut Casket  $2100   

SPECIAL ORDER ONLY , not in stock.  (Please allow 4 weeks to construct)

walnut casket, specialty caskets
GRACE Walnut Casket

“GRACE” is beautifully and masterfully crafted in solid black walnut with multiple raised panels and full length handrails.  Walnut is the finest quality of hardwoods.   Muslin Interior Bedding Add $100

Please specify size:

Full Grace: 6’6”  Interior Length.  22″ W   15″ D (Exterior Dimensions: 28.5″W x 84″L x 17″H)

Simple Grace: 5’10” Interior Length.  22″ W   15″ D   (Exterior Dimensions:  28.5″ W x 76″ L x 17″ H)


“Vaquero” Pine Casket $600

The Vaquero is our minimalist option. Made of solid 1″ pine, the lids are in two pieces and lift on and off. There is no interior bedding available with this option.

Interior Dimensions: 6’4″ L x 22″ W x 14″ D

Pine Box
Vaquero Pine Casket