Coffins & Caskets

What is the difference between  COFFINS & CASKETS?

A COFFIN is generally understood to denote a funerary box having six sides.  It is commonly referred to as the “old western” or “toe-pincher” style of box.

toe-pincher, vintage coffin
Coffin Style


A CASKET denotes a four-sided style of funerary box.  These are commonly what comes to mind when people think of a funeral these days.

Walnut Casket, solid wood casket, specialty wood casket
GRACE Walnut Casket

All of our items are individually handcrafted and designed to return to the earth naturally.


All of our units have sliding lids which are affixed by a wooden lid pin.

pine coffin, western style, cowboy coffin
PIONEER Opening View


Pine box casket, plain pine funeral box, simple pine casket
Peace Casket Opening


Cedar Lid Pin
Cedar Lid Pin


Pine Lid Pin
Pine Lid Pin



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