Custom Caskets, Coffins and Urns.

The Old Pine Box was established in 2004 with the objective of crafting unique vessels to cradle your loved ones in their final disposition.  We specialize in pine box caskets, pine coffins, cedar coffins and specialty urns.

If you are looking for a burial unit that aligns more appropriately with your life or the life of someone you love, we hope that you will look to us to assist you.    It is with great pride that we offer something simple and beautifully unique…  We offer people a choice. And yes, it is legal to be buried in a pine box.

**We DELIVER DIRECTLY to funeral homes and  SHIP Nationwide**

Stock items available for immediate delivery.  Within New Mexico, 24 hours if necessary.  Nationwide shipping may take additional time depending on destination.

COFFIN Selection

pine coffin, cowboy coffin, western style coffin, vintage coffin, wood coffin
“PIONEER” our sugar pine classic


pine coffin, cedar coffin, 2 tone coffin, Wrangler
“WRANGLER” a striking blend of sugar pine and cedar


cedar coffin, western style coffin, cowboy coffin, all cedar funeral box
“RANCHERO” crafted with all aromatic cedar


oak coffin, western style coffin, rugged coffin, classic coffin, boutique coffin
“HOMESTEADER” is uniquely wire brushed solid oak with rope handles

CASKET Selection

pine casket, pine box
“PEACE”  is made with sugar pine


pine casket, cedar casket, pine box
“HARMONY” our sugar pine and cedar blend


oak casket
“FAITH” simply solid oak



specialty casket, walnut casket
“GRACE” Walnut Casket is available via SPECIAL ORDER ONLY


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