The Old Pine Box

Custom Coffins, Caskets and Urns.

The Old Pine Box was established in 2004 with the objective of crafting unique vessels to cradle your loved ones in their final disposition.  We specialize in pine box caskets, pine coffins, cedar coffins and specialty urns.

If you are looking for a burial unit that aligns more appropriately with your life or the life of someone you love, we hope that you will look to us to assist you. It is with great pride that we offer something simple and beautifully unique…  We offer people a choice.

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**We DELIVER DIRECTLY to funeral homes and  SHIP Nationwide – additional charges apply**  Prices below are only for the burial unit.

Stock items available for immediate delivery.  Within New Mexico, 24 hours if necessary.  Nationwide shipping may take additional time depending on destination.

COFFIN Selection

“PIONEER” Pine Coffin  $1100  (in stock)

Pine CoffinPioneer Pine Coffin  $1100   In Stock.

The Pioneer is masterfully designed and expertly crafted with flat, recessed panels and full-length flush handrails.  It is our most popular model.  Made of all-natural sugar pine, unfinished.  The interior is complete with our simple cotton muslin bedding.

This style of funerary box is increasingly rare and therefore holds a special place of honor at The Old Pine Box.

It comes in 2 sizes:

6’6″ Standard (Exterior Dimensions:  28″W x 84″L x 19″H)

5’6″  “Poquito” for small individuals (Exterior Dimensions:  25″W x 72″L x 18″H)

If you need the item shipped or delivered, additional charges apply.

“wrangler” Pine/Cedar Coffin  $1300  (in Stock)

pine coffin, cedar coffin, 2 tone coffin, Wrangler
“WRANGLER” a striking blend of sugar pine and cedar  $1300   In Stock.

The “Wrangler” offers the striking contrast of red aromatic cedar panels set in sugar pine.  The hand rubbed oil finish exterior reveals the full beauty of the wood.  The inside is left unfinished to preserve the wonderful smell of the cedar.  Interior comes lined with our simplest durable cotton muslin interior.

It comes in 1 size:

6’6″ Standard (Exterior Dimensions: 28″W x 84″L x 19″H)

“ranchero” cedar Coffin  $1600 (special order)

cedar coffin, western style coffin, cowboy coffin, all cedar funeral box

“RANCHERO” crafted with all aromatic cedar  $1600  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY   (Please allow 4 weeks to construct)

The “Ranchero’s” solid aromatic red cedar construction is another favorite.  The exterior oil finish brings the depth of the wood’s beauty to full view.  The interior is unfinished to keep the integrity of the cedar scent.  While photos can make this coffin look too “red” we invite you to see for yourself – it is quite impressive.  Comes complete with soft cotton muslin interior.

Available in 6’6″ (Exterior Dimensions: 28″W x 84″L x 19″H)


“homesteader” oak Coffin  $1600 (in Stock)

oak coffin, western style coffin, rugged coffin, classic coffin, boutique coffin
“HOMESTEADER” is uniquely wire brushed solid oak with rope handles  $1600        In Stock.   

Our most rugged unit.  Made of solid red oak with raised panels, rope/block handles and a wire brush texturing.  The Homesteader is topped off with a dark oil finish to enhance the grains of the wood and give it an “Old West” appearance.

Available in 6’6″ (Exterior Dimensions: 28″W x 84″L x 19″H)

CASKET Selection

“Peace” Pine Casket  $900  (in stock)

Pine Casket
Peace Pine Casket    $900   In Stock.

A modern style of “pine box,” these wooden caskets have flat panels, full length through-grip wooden handles and are sanded until they are smooth to the touch.  The lids slide off each end ever so easily.  PEACE is unfinished solid sugar pine.

Readily available in 1 size:

Moderate:  5’10” inside (Exterior Dimensions: 28.5″W x 76″L x 19″H)

Abundant:  6’2” inside  &  26.5” wide for large individuals (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY  $1080) Allow 4 weeks to construct.


“Grace” Walnut Casket $2000  (special order)

specialty casket, walnut casket
“GRACE” Walnut Casket    $2000  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY  (please allow 4 weeks to construct)

“GRACE” is beautifully and masterfully crafted in solid black walnut with multiple raised panels and full length handrails.  Walnut is the finest quality of hardwoods.

Standard size: 6’6”  inside:  (Exterior Dimensions: 28.5″W x 84″L x 19″H)


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