Coffin Selection

 “PIONEER”  Solid sugar pine  $1100

Pine Coffin
Pioneer Pine Coffin

The Pioneer is masterfully designed and expertly crafted with flat, recessed panels and full-length flush handrails.  It is our most popular model.  Made of all-natural sugar pine, unfinished.

This style of funerary box is increasingly rare and therefore holds a special place of honor at The Old Pine Box.

It comes in 2 sizes:

6’6″ Standard (Exterior Dimensions:  28″W x 84″L x 17″H)

5’6″  “Poquito” for small individuals (Exterior Dimensions:  25″W x 72″L x 18″H)

“WRANGLER”  Crafted with sugar pine and cedar  $1300

cowboy coffin, western style coffin, old west box
WRANGLER crafted with sugar pine and cedar
cedar coffin
Wrangler Coffin Full View

The “Wrangler” offers the striking contrast of red aromatic cedar panels set in sugar pine.  The hand rubbed oil finish exterior reveals the full beauty of the wood.  The inside is left unfinished to preserve the wonderful smell of the cedar.

It comes in 1 size:

6’6″ Standard (Exterior Dimensions: 28″W x 84″L x 17″H)

 “HOMESTEADER”  Solid oak, wire brushed with dark oil finish  $1600

oak coffin, boutique coffin, unusual coffin

Our most rugged unit.  Made of solid red oak with raised panels, rope/block handles and a wire brush texturing.  The Homesteader is topped off with a dark oil finish to enhance the grains of the wood and give it an “Old West” appearance.

Available in 6’6″ (Exterior Dimensions: 28″W x 84″L x 17″H)

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